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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Best Antivirus Solution.....

This post will definitely help all those out there who have been looking for a good antivirus.....and that to full version,with no cracks,registry tweaks,etc.......original license way.......

Here I present ESET Nod32 plus its "key finder software"(MiNODLogin),so that you just get licenses at your screen without searching around the web.....

Why ESET Nod32 ??
Coz it's the best.Believe me I have tried all......
Norton....don't talk about it,it ruins the system,as if it were built to run only norton and nothing else.
Avast.......the most ugliest antivirus program,It is fast but don't know if it catches any viruses.
Kaspersky.....a bit faster than norton but slower than avast...also doesn't detect some of the viruses.
AVG........I don't like its interface and not easily available as full version.

ESET nod32 detects all viruses...the "new folder","autorun.inf",etc.
Its fast like avast and powerful like norton.Besides you don't need to worry about license.ESET Antivirus License Finder (MiNODLogin) finds the license keys for you to use ESET as full version.....

Also like Avast and AVG,ESET Nod32 can be updated in offline mode,i.e,you don't need to have internet connection to your system.To do so there is a software called "ESET Virtual Update Server (MiNODServer)".

1. Download and Install the setup --
You can download and then install the setup file from the official website of ESET.
Note: Don't go for ESET smart security....Go for ESET Antivirus.....

Here you can select the setup file that suits your systems configuration.These setup files are the most updated ones available throughout the web.

2. ESET MiNODlogin --
Here's the software download link
ESET Antivirus License Finder (MiNODLogin)

You need to install java in your system for this software to work.Here's the java link
JAVA Setup

After installing  java and downloading Minodlogin just install the .exe file.You should then be able to run the software from shortcut on desktop.
The system must be connected to internet.Once you run the software,a window will appear where some sites will be enlisted.
Simply expand any one of the site (by clicking on the "+" sign before each of them).Now you will see the keys (User names and passwords).Copy and paste any key in ESET.
You are now a registered user and can "update" the virus database as well as "upgrade" to full version.

3. ESET MiNODserver --
Sorry folks,I tried n googled but this software is not available in english.It is in some european language,so until it is available in english,you need to have internet connection to be able to update ESET.....

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