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Monday, February 1, 2010

Easy WORD to PDF File Conversion

This is about converting "Word to PDF" and not "PDF to Word"......there are many free softwares floating around the web for the latter case but in former case they are trial versions,and if not trial then they don't work fine.

Sometimes PDF files come more handy than Word files.Though Word files can be easily edited but are prone to some problems like,

1. Carrying them in pen drive makes the vulnerable to virus,thus data may be lost.

2. In the case when you print Word files that have been prepared on different system,these files are prone to changes in the settings you made.Thus you may end up reworking the whole document all over again.

3. Sometimes the too easy modification/editing ability of word files is also the problem.If you want that no one can edit the document but the document is also not that important then word files are not a better option.

The key is Adobe Distiller. Distiller is part of the Adobe Acrobat family of products. Distiller is the main engine for turning PostScript files into PDF documents. Although there are other programs for generating PDF files, Distiller is the primary one.

The download Link is HERE.

Working with Distiller -

1. Download and Install Distiller.
2. Open the Word document that needs to be converted.
3. Press "Ctrl+P" or choose "print" option from the file menu.
4. In the Print Dialog Box that appears,choose the printer "name" option as Distiller/Acrobat Distiller.
5. Click OK.In the "Save PDF as" dialog box that appears enter the name with which you want to save the word file as a PDF file.Click "Save" option and you are done.......

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