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Sunday, October 11, 2009


These are no Rapidhare crack or any,so called,Rapidshare hacks.They simplify downloading files from One-Click-File Hosters like Rapidshare,Megaupload,etc.They can be used by anyone(both premium and non-premium users).Just copy the links and sit back to watch your download complete.
You can also download full movies from rapidshare,,etc sites.

1)) Jdownloader 

JDownloader is open source, platform independent and written completely in Java.Download and Extract the file.Run the program inside the extracted folder.After installation you are now ready to rock n download.

Whenever you copy any download link while browsing internet,Jdownloader automatically grabs the link.
Once the links are grabbed you can add them to download.It recognises several file sharing sites.Before starting download it will prompt you to accept the TOS (Terms Of Service) of all the different kinds of links,i.e.,If you have added 4 links of rapidshare and 3 links of then it will prompt you twice,once for rapidshare and once for mediafire.

Jdownloader requires the system to have JAVA runtime enviornment installed.You can download JAVA here,
JAVA Setup

The official website for Jdownloader is

2)) E-Corp Elephant Downloader

It is another such application with integrated Web Browser.It does not require JAVA enviornment.It also does not require installation,simply Download and Extract and Run the program (named (E)lephant).It is available in Portable version.But still Jdownloader is more Stable and recommendable.

It works in the same manner as jdownloader by grabbing links copied by you while surfing the net.
Although it does not prompts you to accept any TOS.

The Official website for Elephant downloader is

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