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Sunday, October 25, 2009

DBAF Comic by Toyble

DBAF, where the "AF" stands for "After Future" or "Another Future", is the new Dragonball Series after the DBGT. It is not an official series of Dragonball,as admitted by Akira Toriyama, the creator of DB_Z_GT. But is a Fanfic Art, created by the fans of DB_Z_GT who were not willing to accept the end of Dragonball Series.

There are many versions of DBAF floating around the web, but one of the manga fan named TOYBLE has done a job that is truly appreciable. He publishes the Comic pages on his blog (Less frequently though). The characters drawn by him are just the same as found in DB_Z_GT. The comic is simply awesome.
Have a look. Vegeta at Super Saiyan level 4 being attacked by XICOR (a Super Saiyan 5).

I, being a "big" fan too, thereby post here the latest pages from the comic.
Download the zipped volumes from the links below :-

  » Toyble_DBAF_Volume_01 (30.2 MB)
  » Toyble_DBAF_Volume_02 (30.7 MB)
  » Toyble_DBAF_Volume_03 (19.3 MB)
  » Toyble_DBAF_Volume_04 (14.9 MB)

Some how, Toyble has not been able to continue the work and has paused publishing new images. The story is yet to end :(  But for the time being, to have an ending to the story in some sense, he has released an extra volume.

  » Toyble_DBAF_Volume_04_Extra (5.68 MB)

Here are some extra pix, to be added later on. The story would finally converge to the point where all the saiyans alive, including Broli !!, don't stand a chance and GOKU finally reveals his next level, HALF SAIYAN HALF GOD !!!

LEVEL 5!!!!


  1. Are i have downloaded all the chapters ,, a year back ,, from the torrent .. LOL... :-P .. Awesome ..

  2. Hey thanx for commenting Madhur....
    You could have downloaded some pages but not all,coz the pages aren't released all at once.They are published by toyble untimely.The last 148-155 pages were released recently,half a month ago i guess......more is to come.....

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