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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


What we have to do here is to enable our system to boot from USB Pen Drive.
Before going to details you must check if you really need to change settings in BIOS.
Just press the key (when you start the system with Pen Drive inserted) that opens the boot sequence.This key is generally F10,F12,ESC,etc.

Here if your Pen Drive is listed in the sequence then simply select it to boot.
But if not then read on....

Note : The BIOS(Basic Input Output Setup) varies from PC to PC.Yours may be different (still you could get some "how about" of setting up BIOS from this post).Also some BIOS do not support USB booting (then this tutorial will not help you).

Note of Caution : First read the full post and then try.

The steps are :
1.   Power on your PC and press the key required to enter BIOS setup.This Key is usually F2,DEL or F11 on different systems and is displayed at the first screen when system starts.
At first the screen should look as below

2.   Go to the BOOT option using the right-left arrow keys shown in green box below.
Note: Some system's BIOS do not show the BOOT option.In that case you will find the BOOT ORDER (what we are actually looking for) in some other option.

Once you have found the Boot Order,then it might be that your USB Pen Drive/HDD is disabled from boot order as shown in yellow box.
Using the options shown on the right pane of the screen (in red boxes) you can enable the device (here 'x' is used to enable/disable the device from boot order).

Note : Every system on startup scans for booting devices according to the boot order setup in BIOS.Your system's hard disk is also one of them (usually starting with IDE HDD.....).
Here just make sure that your pen drive is above your system's hdd in boot priority order.This can be done again by using options in the right pane (here F5 and F6 are used to decrease and increase the priority respectively).
If everything has been done right then screen should look as below,with USB device at the top (in red box).

Note : On some BIOS the procedure to change boot priority and enable/disable is not as simple as here.Those who are new to this must not try this as it may damage your system.

3.   After doing so go to the Exit option and exit saving the changes.

Now your system is ready to boot from Pen Drive.

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