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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

Ever imagined that you could run one Operating System in another Operating System and that too FREE ???

Yes!! it is true....
You could be running XP in Vista or Windows 7 in XP.....

This is not only fun but sometimes useful too,

1. Say you are running Vista and had like to run an application that is not supported by Vista,what you'd do?? One easy way is to run that application in XP,where this XP is running in Vista using Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

2. It is not easy to install multiple Operating Systems to a HDD.With the Virtual PC 2007 software you can do so easily by switching between OSs like applications with only few mouse clicks.

1. Downloading Microsoft Virtual PC 2007
This software is totally free and you can download it from the link below,
For 32-bit systems (31.7 MB)
For 64-bit systems (31.8 MB)

2. Installing and Using VPC 2007
Here's the step by step presentation guide to install and use VPC 2007.
Virtual PC guide (1.1 MB)
Note: The ppt file has embedded notes below each slide.The notes provide installation and usage directions.

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